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St Mary's Church

Pre Repair
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Funding Confirmation

Updated costings and funding information for project to repair the former St. Mary's Church

Church - £830,000

Coadestone - £116,000

Overall project cost when everything is included amounted to £971,025.87 in money, and once the value of volunteer time and pro-bono work is added, the total amounted to £1,050,228.58

Funding Confirmation

Cadw have made in-principle grant offers of 30% funding of the eligible external works to the church; and 40% funding of the total cost of the repairs to the Coadestone gate.

The Architectural Heratige Fund has confirmed a grant to cover the cost of employing someone to prepare the financial part of the major funding applications to Europe and to the Heratige Lottery Fund.

The Architectural Heratige Fund has also confirmed a loan to cover the remaining professionals' fees needed to complete these major funding applications.

Planning Permission & Listed Building Consent
Comprehensive Details
External Works
In September 2005, the contractors Chester Masonry Construction Ltd, started work of repair and conversion to the former church building.
Internal Works
A new first floor was inserted. The external walls and the roof were lined with insulation. The blocked doorway just above first floor level between the tower and the body of the church was reopened. A main stair, lift and WC on each floor were installed atth front of the building, with a secondary stair serving fitted into the former vestry at the rear. On the ground floor, an open plan office, the north transept was closed to form a small room for private meetings. A small kitchen was also formed. The whole first floor is open for conferences, meetings, training and social events.
Upper Tower and Spire Repairs
Pictorial Record - Click pictures for large view and further information
Coadestone Gate
Coade before, during & after repairs
Pictorial Record - Click pictures for large view and further information
Repair to Weathervane
Some months after completion of the contract to repair the former church, the building was struck by a series of big storms. The main shaft of the weathervane was bent and then the whole vane fell to the ground. Fortunately no-one was injured and only the weathervane itself and part of the guttering were damaged. Parts of the old vane were salvaged, the "bulb" was replaced, and a new stainless steel shaft and shoe were made. These were installed in October 2007 using a "cherry-picker" crane.
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