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This Conservation Plan has been produced for Cyfeillion Cadw Tremadog, the Buildings Preservation Trust for Tremadog to guide Trustees, designers and tenants in the long term care of the former Saint Mary’s Church and the Coade gateway to the churchyard in Tremadog, Gwynedd.

The Plan has been produced by Frances Voelcker, trust secretary to accompany a full application for capital funding to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

It was formally adopted by the trustees in April 2004.

Tremadog is a rare example in Wales of a Planned Town from the Georgian period.
The former church and the Coade gateway to the church grounds are an intrinsic part of the Plan, built between 1806 and 1811.
The church is listed grade II.

Archive photographs and records show the sequence of changes it has undergone. It is of structural interest for the use of Roman Cement render over brick in the upper tower and spire. Some artefacts survive inside the church commemorating important local figures and made by known designers.

The Coadestone gateway is listed grade II, but is expected to be up-graded in the re-survey. It is an exceptional, sophisticated piece with close stylistic connections to the court of the Prince of Wales, later George IV.

The church was closed in 1995 and the trust started work to see if it could have a future. The trust raised funding and commissioned an initial feasibility study and community questionnaire in 1996/97. The church owners, the Representative Body of the Church in Wales then put the property on the market. The trust could not apply for further funding until the property had failed to sell. The trust’s Business Plan showed the likely costs of ownership could be met by commercial rent, so the trust negotiated a 25-year lease from the RB which began in 2000. Control of the property enabled the trust to apply for funding, architects were appointed and proposals for repair and conversion were prepared.


  1. Physical due to the type of construction, local climate, disuse, minor vandalism.
  2. Economic due to low level of activity in region giving low commercial rents; sparse population on low incomes making fund-raising difficult; no significant private employers locally to sponsor community projects; the trust’s lack of reserves or core funding; lease condition requiring trust to pay over £700 per year insurance on property.
  3. Passage of time. Fabric deteriorating. Notice of use of only Break-Clause in lease must be exercised by 1st April 2005, or trust would be responsible for maintenance and insurance till 2025 and would have to wind up. Unless full funding and an acceptable tender have been secured before 1st April 2005, the trust must relinquish the property at that date.


Many have been considered in the long development period. The proposed use is as offices and training facility for a charity supporting people with learning difficulties living in the community. This will include use of the church grounds as a community garden.   


The former church can be repaired and converted to conserve and enhance its historic significance while earning its keep and once again playing a valuable role in serving the community, but only if full funding is secured within the next 8 months
The repair of the Coadestone Gateway could follow as a second phase but its deterioration means long delay should be avoided if at all possible.

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