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Circulation of Conservation Plan from April 2004

Project Administrator (Financial)
Design Team

Formal Adoption of Conservation Plan by Trustees April 2004

Construction Project Duration
The Conservation Plan should be an essential reference tool for:

At completion of Construction Project
The Conservation plan should be reviewed and amended/augmented as necessary.

A copy of the Conservation Plan should be supplied to the tenant. The Conservation Policies must form an integral part of the tenancy agreement.

Post construction
Trustees should review the Conservation Plan every five years, AND whenever maintenance, repairs, or alterations are under consideration. Proposals should be subject to a Heritage Impact Assessment on the model below, or as appropriate.

Proposed work Relevant Conservation Policy Significance of element affected by work Possible impact of work Mitigation
Specific works envisaged Refer to policies in Conservation Plan Refer to significance section of plan Assess impact in light of plan Suggest design alternatives
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