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Since the last newsletter, Cyngor Dosbarth Dwyfor has taken action! The Environmental Health Department served a Notice on 22nd October on the owner of the Tannery site with regard to nuisance caused by the house Bron Haul; and the Planning Department served a Dangerous Structures Notice on the 10th November with regard to the danger to the public of the whole site. Each Notice required action within 28 days.

Dwyfor's solicitor has assured Cyfeillion Cadw Tremadog that the orders remind the owner that Listed Building Consent is required before a Listed Building can be demolished. If the owner complies, then Dwyfor will consider whether further action should be required to protect the Listed buildings from further deterioration.

If the owner does not comply, then after 28 days Dwyfor will take the required action and try to recoup costs from the owner.

It has taken Dwyfor a VERY long time to take these actions, since this has been the only realistic course available to anyone for some years. indeed since the previous ownership of the site. But at least they have taken action at last, and are to be supported wholeheartedly in that action.

The hope now is that Dwyfor will act promptly either to require the present owner, or in default, themselves, to protect the Tannery
and Bron Haul.


The proposed project with Ysgol y Gorlan has taken longer to set up than anticipated, because of problems in obtaining the grant from Cadw. The headmaster, Mr Rhys Glyn applied to Cadw, only to learn that schools are not eligible. Further correspondence clarifies that the Trust could apply and would be considered for grant for the parts of the project which will be undertaken by the Trust. Meanwhile, the autumn closing date for application for matchfunding from the Welsh Church Fund has passed, and the next date is in March. The suggestion has recently been made that an Artist in Residence, specialising in architecture and townplanning, might be appropriate. This person could work with the children.

The Spring Term is more convenient for the school than the winter, so we will look into the new possibilities. This is an important
project to raise general awareness and appreciation of Tremadog.


The August Bank Holiday was a busy time in Nantmor, with the beautiful garden of loyal supporter Jean Entwistle open to the public on both Sunday and Monday. Miss Entwistle kindly donated the proceeds to the Trust. £356.85p was made, despite terrible rain on
Sunday. Thank you to all those who gave cakes, plants, time or money - and particularly to Jean, her companion Mollie and to her friends and guests whose week must have been uncomfortably busy!


The report is complete, and was presented to the Steering Committee on Monday 22nd November 1993. The report covers proposals, costs of repair and conversion, likely running costs and income; sources of funding both grant and aid; and recommendations on the management structure. It is to be discussed by the Steering Committee at their next meeting,
when they have had a chance to study it. It will be discussed again at the AGM in February. So, if you have any questions or comments to make regarding the content of the report, make sure you have seen it before then!

Copies have been sent to the funding bodies (the Architectural Heritage Fund, the Welsh Church Fund, and Cadw) and to Dwyfor,
Gwynedd, and the Snowdonia National Park as the three authorities in the area. A copy has been deposited in Porthmadog Library for reference. The Steering Committee has three copies for circulation, which may be borrowed once committee members have read the report. Copies may be obtained from the secretary, cost £5.50 + £1 .50 postage. (This price gives £2.50 per copy to the Trust, so please purchase a copy if you can.)

The main conclusion of the report is that the Tannery project is feasible. The most suitable source of funding is likely to be the Welsh Office Strategic Development Fund, (which has been introduced since the Preliminary Feasibility Study, made in 1 991 .) This Fund is for the type of project that is innovative or beyond the scope of a local group or a small authority from its own resources. Application has to be made through a District or County Council, and must fit in with their Strategic Development Plans.


The need for a part-time administrator for the Trust becomes ever more apparent. If you know of someone bilingual in Welsh and
English with some administrative experience, who would like a challenging and very varied part-lime job , then contact the secretary. We have no funds for a salary as yet, but fundraising would be part of the adminislralor's role!


The second AGM, reporting on the activity of the Trust from November 1992 to November 1993, will be held in Tremadog on Monday, February 21st at 7.00pm A copy of the Agenda will be displayed at the Derwen Stores, Tremadog for four weeks prior to the meeting. Anyone wishing to move a motion at the meeting should contact the secretary.

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