Close Window September 2001

Progress with the Former Church

Vandalism and undergrowth

Vandals have broken the windows so badly that we have had to pay to have them boarded up. The former church therefore looks worse than ever. The probation service had such a workload of churchyards to tend that they could not get round to us though we have been asking since the spring.

On a more positive note, there are now discussions afoot to get a small grant and some volunteers to bring contractors, volunteers and some local young people with reparative orders to work together to clear the church grounds of brambles and sycamore seedlings before the winter.


Further positive news is that we have been approached by the BBC, wanting to use the building as a set for filming a Welsh drama. This has not been finalised yet but may take place in early October. The payment would at least cover the next insurance premium.


The trustees are once again seeking a tenant or tenants. Amser Allan has found it extremely hard to find funding for their Business Plan. They cannot therefore commit to becoming our first tenants. Even if their Business Plan were ready, and demonstrated financial viability. the move to Tremadog, taking on permanent premises and employing staff |would be a huge undertaking for theme which would require much time, training and fundraising.

They will evidently not be ready to become out tenants within the timescale CCT envisages. The trustees have therefore decided to repair and convert the building for a less specific use, for letting as business/workspace on the general commercial market. The trustees would still prefer to let it to a company or group making a direr social? economic contribution to Tremadog. If anyone out there has any suggestions, please contact any of the trustees. This decision does not preclude Amser Man becoming our tenant in due course.

Recent Activities


The trust recently hosted the Federation of Caernarfonshire Historical Societies. This involved many individuals and businesses in Tremadog. They opened up their properties. and provided meeting spaces and refreshment to our visitors. This demonstrates the strong sense of community in Tremadog, and the pride it takes in its identity as a special place. CCT is most grateful to all those that supported us in our efforts to serve the whole village.

Capel Peniel allowed us use of their vestry throughout the day. The Memorial Hall was used for an exhibition about Buildings Preservation Trusts in Wales. Siop Siola kindly consented to the visitors climbing the stairs to the first floor, to see the tall upper room, and to look out onto the Market Square from the fine sash windows.

The wardens of Plas Tan yr Allt (Madocks' home) allowed one energetic group to see the outside of the house, en route to Llyn Cwm Bach, where they inspected the original dams and watercourse that provided power for the manufactory.

Andrew Arrol, the trust's architect for the former church, gave a slide talk on the Coadestone gateway to the churchyard and the architecture of the church. This included fascinating views taken inside the upper spire. He then led the
group on a visit to the church itself.

The Fleece provided lunch for many of the visitors; and the day finished with a slap-up tea in Backpackers After walking all round the town, the sight of the laden plates, the bright crockery and napkins was most welcome - espeeially so for the group that went all the way up to Llyn Cwm Bach.

Thank you to all those who donated time, cakes, premises, or who supported the visit in other ways.

Draft Documents from Gwynedd

Tremadog receiving attention at last
At long last. some draft documents relating to Tremadog have emerged from unnaturally long gestation within Gwynedd Council! They are not yet Action Plans - and there is not, of course, a timetable - but there is HOPE of action since these documents have
been prepared.

Village Appraisal

The long-awaited results of the Village Appraisal has been received in draft. These will be presented by Gwynedd at a public meeting "this autumn".

Although some of the observations are long out of date the report can at last form supporting evidence of community backing for proposals that any individual. business or community group may which to develop. CCT will consider which could be combined appropriately in the former church or its grounds.

The report shows clear need for recreational space for adults and young people: a youth club, imroved playground, inproved footpaths with sitting places, and allotments. The greatest problem in providing a youth club is not premises, but adults to help run it. There were very few volunteers!

There is a strong desire to slow down the traffic Many people proposed closing off the Square for a festival or fair on a regular basis.

Three buildings were regarded as eyesores. These were the Tannery, the Church, and Bancrofts shop. All have changed hands since the survey was carried out. Bancrofts is now being repaired and will come back into use, probably as a restaurant and a
beauticians. This corner of the Square will be lively once again. Let us wish the new ventures success. The Tannery is still languishing under its tin roof, though this week, a surveyor has been seen on the site so let us hope that at last the new owners will
bring positive proposals forward.

And the former Church belongs of course to CCT and we are moving forward as fast as we can!

It seems likely that a local forum to represent all parts of the community in Tremadog maybe formed to take forward the ideas revealed by the Appraisal. If this would at last enable Gwynedd Council and Cymad to support Tremadog, we would welcome it and participate fully. Let us hope it is not just another ploy to delay allocating funding to Tremadog.

Townscheme for Tremadog

The other document received in draft is a proposal for a Townscheme for Tremadog. Gwynedd Council received 75% funding from Cadw to commission a report on how to establish the Townscheme. Consultant architects and town planners Building Design Partnership were appointed. They assessed the importance of the historic buildings in their setting, and made recommendations with priorities for a programme of repair and upgrading. If the Townscheme is adapted, householders and businesses in Tremadog would be eligible for significantly higher funding (from both Cadw and Gwynedd) towards the costs of repairs to historic fabric.

Gwynedd is to be congratulated on commissioning the Townscheme study. Tremadog is one of only three towns in the county to be studied.

Once again there is no timetable for presentation of the Townscheme to Councillors. let alone its adoption and implementation. if you meet one of the country or local councillors, remember to ask after the proposals!

lf the historic buildings were all in good repair, the Square were upgraded, and a regular fair were held, Tremadog could be as successful as Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire in attracting visitors. Businesses would flourish. new jobs would be created, house prices would rise...

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