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Great News for the Tannery

As you may have seen in the local press, Cyfeillion Cadw Tremadog has been successful in its bid for major funding from Europe. We heard in May that the Industrial or Business Development part of the Trust's proposals for the Tannery complex could attract over £335,000 of grant. Unfortunately, the Tourism part of our bid was not successful. There is stiff competition for grants for Tourism-related projects, and only 1 in 5 is successful. The two aspects of the project are intertwined, so it can go ahead only if the
Trust can secure the shortfall from the Lottery. We currently have an application in with the Heritage Lottery.

How you can help

Wherever the Trust applies for grants, the same question arises: when will you own the site? Unless there is progress towards
ownership, the large grants earmarked for Cyfeillion Cadw Tremadog by Cadw and now the ERDF will be withdrawn.

Three problems stand in the way of the Trust purchasing the site: the first is the unrealistic price the present owner is asking - twelve times its market value; the second is the debt for the work carried out by Dwyfor to make the site safe; the third is the contamination of the site itself.

None of these is insuperable - but the Trust needs the support of the local authority, now Gwynedd Council. Gwynedd alone has the
authority to back the Trust in its efforts to acquire this important site, and to return the Tannery to productive use. The Trust is about
to meet with Gwynedd Councillors and officers to discuss the possibilities; this will be a big undertaking for Gwynedd as well as the Trust, so Councillors will need to know that it has grass roots support - please talk to your local Councillor!

CCT boosts local economy

Since its inception in 1991, Cyfeillion Cadw Tremadog has raised over £13,000. Almost £11 ,000 has come from outside the area. This is money that would not have come to the district without the Trust's existence; it has all been spent locally, in paying local consultants, photographers, printers, rent for the meetings. Now with the significant grant offers from Cadw and Welsh Office/ERDF, at last the investment in time and effort, which must double the monetary value of the grants received so far, can bear fruit - IF the Trust can secure support from Gwynedd.

St Mary's Church

Cyfeillion Cadw Tremadog has raised £4,350 to commission a Feasibility Study into the possible uses of the Church; with a further £500 promised towards the costs, if the eventual use is - as the Trust intends if at all possible - a community use. The architects Dobson:Owen of Pwllheli have been appointed to carry out the Study. They have already begun, by delivering a questionnaire to every door in Tremadog. The purpose of the questionnaire is to discover what needs and hopes there are in the town, and to ask for ideas for uses for the Church.

Public Meeting

The results of the questionnaire will be discussed at a Public Meeting at 7 pm on lath July in Tremadog Memorial Hall. The architects are also consulting widely with statutory bodies such as Gwynedd Council and Cadw, and the owners (the Church in
Wales). When a suitable use has been identified, the architects will estimate the costs of repairs and alterations, and prepare a
business plan. They will also investigate sources of funding. The Study will be complete by the autumn.

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