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New Website for CCT

The new website of Cyfeillion Cadw Tremadog goes live

21 February 2006

The work of substantially overhauling the trust's website has been underway for several months, and the fruits of these labours became visible on 21st February 2006 when the old website was replaced with the new design (which is what you are now looking at). The work was paid for by the Heritage Lottery Fund as a small part of the project to refurbish St Mary's Church, and was undertaken by freelance web designer Jake Voelcker, son of CCT secretary Frances Voelcker. All content from the old website is still available online, and the website of course remains fully bilingual. Many new features have also been added:

  • New CCT projects section with regular updates of the St. Mary's Church project together with progress reports and photographs of the work underway on-site. The most recent of these updates is also automatically displayed on the website's main page for maximum impact.
  • New photo galleries - incorporating both larger versions of the photos from the old website, and many entirely new photographs which were previously not available online.
  • An online archive of all the CCT Newsletters ever published, dating back to 1992 and providing a complete history of the trust's activities. The trust's Mems and Arts documents and financial reports are also now available online.
  • A revamped business directory featuring the local shops, services and accommodation providers for whom CCT have by now been providing an online advertising service for over five years.

Hidden from public view, the website also features a Content Management System which will allow CCT staff and directors to add content such as new pages, updated text and photographs to the website, meaning that it will become more dynamic and will be updated more regularly. Furthermore, any content added to the website in English is automatically sent to a professional translator who writes a Welsh version and adds this to the website 2 or 3 days later, ensuring that the website remains fully bilingual even as it grows and expands in the future.


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