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St. Mary's Church - Costs and Funding

Updated costings and funding information for project to repair the former St. Mary's Church

10 February 2004

Church - £830,000

Coadestone - £116,000

Overall project cost when everything is included is going to be in the order of £850,000.

Funding Confirmation

Cadw have made in-principle grant offers of 30% funding of the eligible external works to the church; and 40% funding of the total cost of the repairs to the Coadestone gate.

The Architectural Heratige Fund has confirmed a grant to cover the cost of employing someone to prepare the financial part of the major funding applications to Europe and to the Heratige Lottery Fund.

The Architectural Heratige Fund has also confirmed a loan to cover the remaining professionals' fees needed to complete these major funding applications.


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